War Decisive

What it Does: Kuthlukh’s Devise, It is ‘War Decisive’ for the NAZIs: kriegsentscheidend or, Sonderkampf, a Special Warfare Force Multiplier

Link 1: http://www.infowars.com/nsas-utah-spy-supercenter-crippled-by-power-surges/
Link 2:http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-08/nsas-utah-spy-supercenter-crippled-power-surges

Stopping energy from flowing to the NSAs computer center is ‘war decisive’, a weapon system supreme.

Hermetic Consultants neither confirms nor denies the CIAs & NSAs interest in ‘did they do it?’

These are examples of war decisive applications of the abilities of Kuthluch’s machine to act at a distance. Most of our artists & scientists are safely located outside the U.S.

The “Old Man on the Mountain’s followers were trained to decapitate, to remove the head of the crusaders. Whether it is stopping electricity from flowing, or jamming a nuclear reactor, that is decapitation, that is war decisive. We need to train you in the possibilities of strength @ a distance.

Link 3: http://www.infowars.com/brits-lose-control-of-nuke-reactors-unbelievable-seriousness-of-a-major-radioactive-release/

After the world witnessed a widespread radioactive disaster following the Tsunami that took down power systems at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan you would think that nuclear regulators and operators would have taken the threat of unforeseen accidents seriously.

Image: Devonport Dockyard.

Apparently, this is not the case, according to a new report from the United Kingdom

The exact same scenario played out in the Devonport Dockyard last summer, when the primary and secondary power sources for nuclear cooling fuel became inexplicably inoperable.

It was a situation kept secret because the implications were so serious that the entire country of Britain could have been turned to a radioactive wasteland overnight.

Full spectrum domination @ a distance, consider it. When the crusaders invaded Muslim lands & the ‘Old Man of the Mountains’ was thought to have commissioned 27 of these artworks to be designed, they were a machine out of time. There is one left as a model, it is guarded in the British museum as a war prize, as loot from the crusades. It took ‘til the 1800’s to have photographic witnesses of the leaders of the modern crusaders. It took ‘til around the year 2000 to have ‘Google Images” of targets, to either heal, or remove power sources & heads of state.

How powerful are Kuthlukh’s artwork? Four examples *of doctors & scientists who were destroyed +/or imprisoned for using them as healing tools should give you hope.

The machines were used for healing cancers & yet these 4 people* were crushed by the ‘NWO’,

Because the elite governors were terrified of ‘every man being a power unto himself’.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s books were burned by the NAZIs of Germany, the Communists of Russia & in America his books were burned, his devises were destroyed by the FDA & he was imprisoned & died in prison.

Reich invented machines for healing cancers, Orgone Accumulators. His ‘Cloud-Busters’ used for rain making could also shoot flying machines out of the sky. (They only cost $100 to make.)

Shooting flying machines out of the sky is war decisive! He had to be stopped by the NWO!

The Kuthlukh artworks can use pictures of machines to affect the machines. War decisive!

Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulators are used as the power source for modern psychotronic machines, the machines that are the 20th & 21st century replicas of the Assassins Weapon against the crusaders.

Our offer is to furnish modern Muslim Kuthluch Machines & train Muslims:

  1. How to use this art
  2. Why & where to target your art for maximum ‘full spectrum dominance

To speak contact us @ practitioner@islamicscience.us  or jacktheprac@yahoo.com or call Jack Prac

(U.S., Texas, central time zone) at 713-398-0400

This is your heritage, your art, your science, your path to freedom!

Again. There is a physics that is so valuable to the NWO that they would trade an American city being incinerated to keep it secret. You will trade Mecca & Medina if they’re not stopped.

The NAZIs had a science that was war decisive. They stopped fighting in 1945 so they could use this science later, when it was ready. It’s ready, it’s in production. Post communist Russia has an entire army equipped with Kuthlukh like “psychotronic devices.”

Link 4: http://www.globalresearch.ca/psychotronic-and-electromagnetic-weapons-remote-control-of-the-human-nervous-system/5319111

The Russian nuclear reactor that melted down? The American Psychotronic Master Uncle Chuckie neither confirms nor denies he was involved. That’s full spectrum dominance from a distance.

The NWO the Russians & others are using Muslim Science, isn’t it time there were 99 warriors for Allah armed with one of Alkali’s 7 deadly weapons?

*Dr. Ruth Drown& Dr. Dinshah (U.S.) George Delawarr, (England) Wilhelm Reich (U.S., U.S.S.R. & NAZIs.)