Islamic Art

This is the most important Islamic Art, Science, Tool, Machine on earth. They were made to remove the crusaders from the Holy Lands.

For useful value, in removing invasive pests, it is THE Islamic treasure.

Above is the link for a close up of this Egyptian / Hermetic Machine that you can examine & click on to see details.

Made & used as a weapon to remove the Crusaders this art & science was death at a distance, killing invaders far away. The Shai Ismaili Muslims in the year 639+ (1178AD) were under spiritual guidance of the Grand Master of the Assassins, The Old Man of the Mountain.

The main strategy of removing the crusaders from the Holy Lands was decapitation, killing the heads of the armies of the Crusaders.

Back then there were no photos, no Google Images. to link with one’s enemy to kill him from a distance required a witness such as lock of hair, or, a signature upon which to concentrate. The machine cast futures, the futures for enemies was death. That’s why this is Islam’s greatest devise, it’s useful for making miracles. One of the machines, made by

Muhammad Ibn Khutlukh al Mawsuli was stolen by the Crusaders & is hidden in the British Museum. The British never realized this art work was a killing machine. Only in the 1900’s did the British & Americans learn to made similar machines. THIS IS ISLAMIC SCIENCE!!

Reclaim it, here, now.

But the others have updated the machine for healing & they’re available to be bought for Islamic purposes. Example:

The followers of The Prophet can, again. have these Islamic Science tools of life & death.

Please read the other pages of  & realize who the 5 great enemies of Islam are & how they can be decapitated. Discover how they intend to destroy Islam. Follow the links here & you’ll understand it’s late in the day & the time to arm & act is now.

The modern versions of Kuthlukh’s  machines take training to use to artistic standards. We, Hermetic Consultants, offer the modern versions of this Islamic Science & Art & we offer training so you can arm yourselves with this one of ALALU’S 7 WEAPONS. Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed with Alalu’s stolen weapons, this may be one that Father Abraham was trained with as a rider for g*d.

Let us sit & talk with your representative in Houston, Texas.

We can arrange training for your troops & for these psychotronic devises to be exported to your secure fortification. Expense? Reasonable, for miracles.

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This is an offer to sell these art works: Kuthlukh’s Islamic Science future creating machines. We also offer to train users. Thank you.