Islamic Science

At Maxwell Air Force War College the removal of Political Islam has always been a topic of study. In certain Middle East Circles leaders believe that owning a President, some Senators & some Congressmen in the U.S. gives an upper hand. Since 1989 we’ve been privy to three favored methods of neutering the Moslem World. War drums are beating in Tel Aviv to destroy Iran’s power. U.S. Generals like the idea of nuclear wind destroying you.

This would be the exact same disaster that Father Abraham witnessed when Nintura & Nergal (Evil Wind & Scorcher) destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah. When they used Alalu’s 7 deadly weapons on the 5 sinning cities the radioactive poison & biological toxins were carried from the Sinai Peninsula across Sumer (Iraq) killing all, killing everybody, killing everything.

This time the strikes on Iran will be windblown by the shamals & sharqi down across Mecca & Medina & all the Emirates.

Presto, no more Hajj, no more 5 Pillars, no more Islam


The second way of destroying Islam is the reason you are being offered Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al-Mawsili’s future creating art & training on this type psychotronic device.

Albert Pike & Caleb Cushing were Grand Master Masons in the 1800’s.

If you Google Caleb Cushing & the Assassination of United States Presidents you’ll see.

Pike wrote: Morals & Dogma the most important book to the Masons. He also fomented their 100 year world plan which includes a genocidal war between the Jews & the Islamics. Since then the Rothschild City of London Banker Masons have revised Pike’s plan to upgrade to killing 80% of the people on earth, you guys first.

After all, they don’t want you around ‘afterwards’ to mess with their master plan. Our, Hermetic Consultants, 27 artists & scientists would like to stop that particular genocide & the best way we could think of is to teach you your scientific heritage & how to use Khutlukh’s art & science.

It’s you VS. The NWO, we teach.

The third study @ Maxwell War College in the early 90’s was using Zionist Propaganda & NASA’s pictures of Alalu’s Grave on Mars to destroy the hearts & spirits of your people. The Jew Propaganda Master was Zecharia Stichen who wrote 12 books of the history of the ancient Middle East.

Google “the face on Mars” That’s the pin point, that’s not Alalu’s grave, they’ll say its Allah’s grave. Why do your minarets & onion domes look just like American & Russian rockets & space shuttles? Those 12 books of Stichens make a powerful case, as propaganda, that Allah is dead & buried on Mars.

This is their long term plan to destroy Islam, infect the BELIEVERS with Jew doubt. Is Allah dead?

It’s better to beat the bankers & Masons now. You can get target pictures from Google Images & practice, practice, practice. Radionic Machines are illegal in the U.S. They’re legal & used in England & Germany & India, our bases, mainly. They don’t like death at a distance; however, this is an Islamic Science & Art. It’s just like the Nazi’s of the 30’s & 40’s, they ignored Jew science, practiced Aryan science & during that period nearly conquered the world. Now? They’ve learned! You can also.

Let’s talk. It will take several months to furnish you with the needed machines & several months training from there.

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“- this physics that we’re not supposed to know.”

I was told the other night, by an Intel source on the phone, and this is an exact quote – it’s so striking and so important that I get this right, because it exemplifies what’s been going on behind the scenes for all these years in terms of them telling us the truth:

I was told that they would rather give up a major American city to nuclear terrorism, than give up this physics.”  Richard Hoagland

(I call it Islamic Science ~ Jack Prac)